18 August, 2005

Notes from a Kochalkaholic

Thanks to the Bugpowder blog for noting and linking to KOCHALKAHOLIC! Even nicer than the link was the comments accompanying the link:

Kochalkaholic! is a blog devoted to the works of one James Kochalka. Not as niche as it sounds - we could have done with this years ago.

If I have one regret about KOCHALKAHOLIC, it is just that -- I should have started this years ago. I've been hooked on James Kochalka's comics and music since my very first exposure, and it took this Summer of Kochalka, with its bounty of books, comics and CD/DVDs for me to make the leap.

I did make an effort at another Kochalka-related site a few years ago, a planned discography for James Kochalka Superstar. After doing some early prep work and a preliminary interview to get some comments on some of the songs from guitarist Jason Cooley, the site got put on the back burner, and then apparently the cat knocked it behind the stove, where it unfortunately remains to this day. I should check my old computer and see if any of the files for that still even exist, it might be fun to post some of the stuff I was working on, or maybe even kickstart the project back to life somehow...

Speaking of Jason Cooley, a very happy 32nd birthday today to Mr. Cooley, AKA Jason X-12. [Click here for a great Kochalka portrait of Jason X-12.]


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