01 September, 2005

JKS Petition Reminder!

Dozzens have already signed the online petition politely asking Rykodisc to release the long-awaited James Kochalka Superstar CD "Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly," an album of brilliant rock and roll that has been finished for two years and needs to see the light of day. It's the follow-up to "Don't Trust Whitey," which was a great album. Trust me, "Evil Wings" is even better.


Please tell everyone you think would be interested about the petition and the link so THEY can request we get an official release of this great album. It's not RIGHT that WASH YOUR ASS go unheard, that BRITNEY'S SILVER CAN go unexamined. Please click the link and let's get behind the band and help make their record company understand that we've got sacks of money we'd love to give them, if only they would take it!

Dozens of people have already signed onto the petition. Won't you join us?


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