02 September, 2005

New MP3 of ADD's 2000 Kochalka Interview

Over five years ago, on Sunday, August 14th, 2000, my friend Marshall O'Keeffe and I drove to Burlington, Vermont to interview James Kochalka. It was the first time I met Kochalka, and the first of many times I interviewed him. The MP3 file of the interview is a rambling piece over an hour in length, and the ambient sound you'll hear is the pizza joint (Mr. Mike's Pizza) we did the interview in. It's been edited slightly to take out a few totally irrevelant rambles of mine and Marshall's, but for the most part this is an unedited and somewhat disjointed chat that will probably be most of interest to hardcore Kochalkaholics who just want to hear the guy eat pizza and talk to two strangers about his comics, his music, his life, his superpower, and whatever else that came to mind during the chat.

Note that although the original Comic Book Galaxy interview in September, 2000 was culled from this audio, this new MP3 has much, much more material than was posted in the text version on the site.



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