23 August, 2005


Ink 19 has posted a new review of THE CUTE MANIFESTO. It's a well-considered piece that looks at the various previously-published works compiled in the volume, and I agree with the assessment that the book is "a good, fun read."

I personally think the book is also a great introduction to Kochalka for new readers, as it assembles a good selection of both whimsical and thoughtful pieces, and one of his very best works, REINVENTING EVERYTHING.

Also, the alternative news magazine Northeast In Tune has a review of THE CUTE MANIFESTO. They note that "American Elf...is the staple by which other comic journals creators compare their own work," and hail the book as being useful to artists seeking to perfect their work. I'd say that's applicable not only to cartoonists; any artist in any field could benefit from thinking about their art in the way Kochalka does in such essays as "The Horrible Truth About Comics," and others in this volume.


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