19 September, 2005

Dream a Little Dream of James

While I was searching my online archives for any Kochalka reviews I might have missed (and I did add a couple to the reviews section of the sidebar at right), I stumbled over a gem: my dream of introducing James Kochalla to The Shield star Michael Chiklis:

As I was reading James Kochalka's daily comic strip this morning, I remembered a dream I had last night that involved a meeting I arranged between James Kochalka and The Shield's Michael Chiklis. In the dream, I was trying to convince Chiklis to use a Kochalka song in an episode of The Shield. Yes, it's weird, but look at the lengths my unconscious went to to justify this: Kochalka's catchy, kid-appealing songs like Monkey vs. Robot and Hockey Monkey were used in my argument, the idea being that Chiklis's character's austic children would somehow be reached in new ways by Kochalka's unusual, dynamic songs. I don't know how long this dream went on for, but it was quite a while, until Kochalka and Chiklis wandered off together and I was left stranded in one of Farmington's crime-ridden alleys, wondering where it had all gone wrong.

"Where it had all gone wrong," indeed. To date, this is my only dream that featured James Kochalka. Or Michael Chiklis, either, come to think of it.


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