07 September, 2005

Washington Examiner Writer Confounded by JKS

It's beyond me why this Washington Examiner feature on James Kochalka was even printed, but in the interest of completeness, I thought I'd mention it.

In addition to confessing to being confounded by the simple surreality of "Frog on Top of a Skyscraper," (one of the better and more memorable songs on the great album Don't Trust Whitey), the writer runs down Kochalka's summer releases without much critical evaluation. A simple checklist might have sufficed, although again, one wonders what the editor's motivation was in even soliciting the piece.

At least there actually is a checklist that includes some of Kochalka's best comics work at the end, as well as the sadly internet-standard text of a URL with no effort being made to turn the text into an actual hyperlink (in this case, to American Elf). I wish only bad newspaper sites were guilty of this, but I saw it the other day on a comics blog too. Not to get all preachy about issues of internet standards, but if you're too lazy to post an actual link or too blisfully ignorant to learn how to do it, why bother, really?


Blogger Logan said...

I was bad about that when I first started blogging, but using blogger, eventually the made it easy with a link button, so anyone using blogger can't even use the excuse of being lazy, it's just too easy to do.

10:25 PM  

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