01 January, 2006

New Year's Day Kochalka News!

Happy New Year from Kochalkaholic! To kick off our 2005 coverage of All Things Kochalka, here's some news from the man himself:

My book KISSERS will be published by Abenmaler in Denmark this year, under the title KÆRESTER (which means boyfriend, girlfriend or "Sweetheart" in Danish. Unlike most of my translations, this one is actually being re-lettered by me... no font, no hired re-letterer.*

The story begins serialization on the net on January 1, 2006.


This day is the perfect day to begin my most romantic graphic novel, because it also happens to be the 20th Anniversary of me and Amy's first kiss.

Once serialization is complete, the story will be removed from the website and be replaced with a gorgeous print edition.

The English edition of KISSERS is long out of print, but there is a French edition still available from Ego Comme X:


I also wrote an incredibly romantic song for Amy for the anniversary of our kiss. It's called Twenty Years, and it can be found on the mp3 page at American Elf:


Best wishes,

James Kochalka

*(Something I'll probably never agree to again! Lettering in a foreign language is much too time consuming and boring!)


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