16 June, 2006

Kochalka Among Comic Book Urban Legends

The comics blog Comics Should Be Good frequently debunks, confirms and explores urban legends relating to comics; in the latest installment, Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #55, James Kochalka (and Kochalkaholic!) are invoked as writer brian Cronin explores the Kochalka connection to the theme song of the TV series The Loop (Cronin also gives some linky-love to the song Hockey Monkey and this very blog, so, thanks,Brian!).

Readers of Kochalkaholic! know it's not an urban legend that Kochalka performed the show's theme song with the band The Zambonis, but the urban legends piece was noteworthy to me for its link to a Burlington Free Press article about how the song came to be used by the series as its theme. I had missed that informative and entertaining article, so more thanks are due to Brian Cronin for his keen investigative skills.


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