29 September, 2011

Kochalka Strikes The "Perfect Balance."

That's the claim in this examination of James Kochalka's art over on Comixcube, prompted by a read of Kochalka's new comic book Fungus.


Blogger Robin Cave said...

James, you big ol superstar!

I can't believe that American Elf slipped off my radar for a year...bummer. But like any old friend it only took about 5 minutes (and ten American Elf comics) to renew our aquantance.

Gosh, the kids are growing up quick aren't they? I had to whole-heartedly agree with the article, your art (and writing) really are a perfect stripped back balance of black and white/the said and unsaid.

I'm sorry I haven't been paying attention but at least that means I will have to buy the newest book and do a big catchup.

Now go out there and make more of a legend of yourself!


--------> ROBin

3:32 AM  

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