30 August, 2005

2000 Kochalka Interview Coming

I'm in the middle of editing and preparing to upload the first interview I ever did with James Kochalka, from August of 2000 at a pizza shop in Burlington, Vermont.

It's tempting to whittle it down to only the most timeless and relevant sections, but I am leaning more, at this point, toward putting virtually the whole thing up for you to listen to.

The audio isn't the greatest -- we were using a handheld cassette recorder and condenser microphone, but if you're dedicated enough to wear earphones or at least find a quiet place to listen to it, I think the pizzeria ambience actually adds a bit of charm to it, and I'm personally having a blast putting myself back in Burlington reliving one of the most interesting days in my life as a comics journalist.

Look for the audio to be posted sometime later this week, if all goes as planned.


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