12 October, 2005

Wacky Wednesday Thoughts from a Kochalkaholic

Hi, I've missed you. Sorry there's been no updates here for the past, what, week or so? But in addition to there being no firm Kochalka news to share or comment on, I was also sick all last week, and am still recovering, so it's been difficult to work on too much online material. I apologize for Our First Official Lull.

I am working on three different pieces right now, including an interview that seems to be moving very slowly but had some slight forward movement recently, and so I have hope it may still come together. If you're reading this, you know who you are, and a taste just isn't enough!

Also hoping to score a different interview that should give a perspective on James not quite like any we've had here, or anywhere, before. Stay tuned.

And finally there is a bit of publishing news, I am hoping for some additional information before I post that.

So, yes, I am here and so is Kochalkaholic! It's just been a bit quiet, but things are happening behind the scenes, so stop in again soon, or subscribe to our soul-draining, impersonal RSS Feed. And hopefully I'll see you again here in a day or two with some new content. Thanks for reading!


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