23 September, 2005

Friday Morning Notes from a KOCHALKAHOLIC!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the Burlington, Vermont Literacy Festival, which will include James Kochalka and other Vermont cartoonists in its impressive, day-long slate of events.

Looking through the archives, it just hit me that I've been writing this site for over a month now, having kicked it off in mid-August, and now we're in a different season, the leaves are changing, and September is nearly over. The time has gone by very quickly, it seems to me. I truly did not realize I failed to note the one-month anniversary, even!

But in the short time I've been doing this, we've had what I think are four fun and informative interviews, with Brett Warnock, Colin Clary, Jason Cooley and James Kochalka himself, and there's more to come in the very near future. I've managed to review Kochalka comics both new and old, and really, found that there actually is enough going on surrounding his careers as a cartoonist and rock star to support the idea of a blog that is updated very nearly every day.

So even though I missed the one-month anniversary, I do want to take a second to thank everyone who's stopped by and checked out this blog, and thanks especially to those of you with columns, websites and blogs who have linked here to let your readers know about KOCHALKAHOLIC!

It's very much appreciated, and I for one am having a blast doing it.


Blogger Cole Moore Odell said...

I really appreciate this site. It has become an invaluable--and increasingly comprehensive--resource in just a few short weeks. The recent interviews have been wonderful. I'd love to see an interview with someone who has insight on James, but who isn't neccesarily a member of his scene: his parents, art teachers from high school or college, Amy, his brother, etc.

12:05 PM  
Blogger ADD said...

Thanks very much, Cole...great idea!

12:14 PM  

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