15 January, 2006

Kochalka's TV Success: Exclusive New MP3 Interview

Readers of James Kochalka's daily American Elf comic strips have known for months that Kochalka has been in negotiations to sell the rights to the song "Hockey Monkey" as a TV show theme song. In this exclusive new Kochalkaholic! MP3 interview conducted by Alan David Doane, Kochalka discusses the long and winding road to success. This spring, the Fox TV series The Loop will feature the song as its theme, guaranteeing new exposure to Kochalka to millions of TV viewers.

In this wide-ranging 36 minute (8MB) interview, Kochalka also updates Kochalkaholic! readers on the status of his band's upcoming musical releases, his planned 2006 comics work and planned children's book series, his teaching dutues at The Center for Cartoon Studies, and gets into a discussion about about Chris Ware's latest issue of Acme Novelty Library.

Download the interview now.


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