10 January, 2006

New Kochalka Comics in 2006

It's a new year and that always means lots of new James Kochalka comics and music. Coming up in the year ahead, look for Top Shelf to release American Elf Volume Two, the follow-up to the mammoth five-year first collection. This new volume will collect all of Kochalka's daily diary strips from the years 2004 and 2005, as seen in serial form (and available in the archives) at AmericanElf.com.

As to whether the book will be black and white as the previous volume is, Kochalka tells Kochalkaholic! that "I'm not sure if Top Shelf has decided yet whether the book will be in black and white like volume one, or if it will be in color. Both Versions exist...black and white in my original sketchbooks, and a color version that I do for the website."

2006 will also bring third issue of the acclaimed Super-F*ckers series, also published through Top Shelf. Kochalka says "This is the romance issue, both straight and gay...but it's also the head injury issue. Then there's the destruction of the universe to contend with, as well. It's gonna be a great comic. I love doing the Super-F*ckers series." And it appears readers love the book, too, with initial orders through Diamond beating any previous Kochalka offering.

Kochalka believes Top Shelf will likely release both Super-F*ckers #3 and American Elf Vol. 2 in time for the summer convention season, and Kochalka tells Kochalkaholic! that he is going to be an official guest of the San Diego Comicon.

Finally, experienced Kochalka watchers know he is likely to also pop up in an anthology or three, perhaps release a new CD, and keep up his daily schedule of new strips at AmericanElf.com. Check Kochalkaholic! frequently for the latest news in the comics and musical careers of James Kochalka.


Blogger Nik said...

Can't wait to see American Elf Vol. 2. I personally hope for BW, and not just because it'll keep the price point down, but even though the strisp are in color on the site, I somehow think they work best for me in black and white. Fits James' style better or something intangible like that.

12:19 PM  
Blogger ADD said...

I think I agree; I'd rather have separate colour volumes, but I can imagine what the chances of that are...

12:25 PM  

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