16 June, 2006

Search Terms Leading to Kochalkaholic!

This blog is the very definition of "niche," and I have no problem with that at all. If the only people who come here are the people who are interested in -- or curious about -- James Kochalka, then the job is done, so far as I am concerned.

I am fascinated by what brings people here, though, so here's a brief look at some recent search engine queries that brought readers to Kochalkaholic!

12 Jun, Mon, 20:31:06 Google: eric tronsen
12 Jun, Mon, 22:41:49 Google: "britney's silver can"
13 Jun, Tue, 08:38:22 Google Images: ad nauseam
13 Jun, Tue, 10:08:42 Google: superf*ckers 3
13 Jun, Tue, 10:32:09 Google: "jason cooley"
13 Jun, Tue, 11:16:39 Google: kochalka photo
13 Jun, Tue, 13:59:18 Google Images: james kochalka
13 Jun, Tue, 16:04:34 Google Images: cartoon "could"
13 Jun, Tue, 18:16:36 Google: Doane College Blogs
13 Jun, Tue, 21:35:25 Google Images: james kochalka
13 Jun, Tue, 21:52:47 Google: "james kochalka" "cute manifesto"
14 Jun, Wed, 00:55:12 Google Images: comic book artist cover
14 Jun, Wed, 11:52:05 Google: "Essex Children's Choir" review
14 Jun, Wed, 20:18:52 Google: talkative students cartoon
14 Jun, Wed, 22:17:27 Google: james kochalka tour
15 Jun, Thu, 12:39:52 Google: burlington cold cut, burlington, ma
15 Jun, Thu, 14:36:42 Google: kochalka "quit your job"
15 Jun, Thu, 14:51:11 Google: amy kochalka
15 Jun, Thu, 18:45:33 Google: art of gabriel greenberg
15 Jun, Thu, 19:16:45 Google Images: task panel

Now, almost all of those make sense to me -- either directly related to James Kochalka and his careers as a musician and cartoonist, or a turn of phrase that matches terms used here, even if the search clearly wasn't meant to lead here.

But "ad nauseum?" In an IMAGE search, no less? I tried plugging the term into Google's image search engine (which is a marvelous thing, truly), and gave up after five or six pages of nothing. Very mysterious.


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