30 September, 2005

Evil Wings Petition: 300 or Bust!

Come on! Let's get 300 names on the petition to release "Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly" by the end of business today. You can do it!

Kochalkas Walk to Cure Diabetes

Why not pledge a little something for their effort? Head to Amy Kochalka's pledge page at the American Diabetes Association website.

28 September, 2005

Douglas and Kochalka Pic

You can see a huge photo of James Kochalka discussing his drawing of Vermont's Governor by going to The Comics Reporter and clicking on the normal-size photo. Thanks to Tom for posting this terrific image.

27 September, 2005

James Kochalka Meets (and Draws) Vermont Governor

Governor Jim Douglas paid a visit to James Kochalka's class at the Center For Cartoon Studies this week. You can see a drawing Kochalka did of the governor and read more at the Center for Cartoon Studies website.

26 September, 2005

Kochalka 12-Pager in New Anthology

James Kochalka has created a 12-page story called "Spoony-E and Spandy-3 Vs. The Purple Hordes" that appears in a new anthology from McSweeney's called "Noisy Outlaws, Unfriendly Blobs, and Some Other Things." Kochalka mentions the story on the American Elf Forum and you can order the book from Amazon.com.

Bissette on Literary Fest

James Kochalka gets name-dropped and a bit more in Steve Bissette's post on the Burlington Literary Fest. Interesting tidbits about The Center for Cartoon Studies planning to publish some books, as well.