09 September, 2008

Kochalka's "Little Paintings" Coming in 2009

Top Shelf Productions is releasing a book collecting "several hundred of Kochalka's best little paintings from the last decade," in 2009. The publisher says "Kochalka began making little paintings as something to sell to fans at conventions, but they quickly became a consuming obsession that led to several incredibly successful gallery shows at Giant Robot. Dozens and dozens of cute kitties and fuzzy creatures dominate the book, but as with all Kochalka's work, a deeper theme flows through the undercurrents..."

Little Paintings is a 48-Page full-colour 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" hardcover coming in 2009. You can pre-order Little Paintings by James Kochalka now from Amazon.com.

08 September, 2008

Introducing The Kochalkaholic Kiosk!

You'll now see an ad on this page for The Kochalkaholic Kiosk!

By clicking over to the Kiosk, you'll find graphic novels, CDs and other recommended James Kochalka works available through Amazon.com.

By ordering from The Kochalkaholic Kiosk, you help support this blog's efforts.

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