21 October, 2005

Kochalka in Art Exhibit News Coverage

Check out this article in the Stamford Advocate.

17 October, 2005

Kochalka in Two Art Shows

James Kochalka is featured in two new art shows. Opening Thursday October 20th, in Stamford, Connecticut, he has four silkscreen prints in a group show at 583 Art Factory. He will also be performing a few of his songs.

And opening Saturday, October 22nd, Kochalka has five paintings in a group show at Giant Robot.

If you're planning to check these out, you will be interested to know that Kochalka will be attending the Connecticut opening, but not the New York City one.

Huge Top Shelf Sale!

Lots of Kochalka bargains and other great graphic novels at maybe the lowest prices you'll ever find them -- Alan Moore's Voice of the Fire hardcover novel for five bucks? That's one of the best novels ever written in the English language, dude. Five bucks! Head over to Top Shelf and throw them some coin! Tell 'em KOCHALKAHOLIC! sent ya!

Jog Reviews Super-F*ckers #1

Scroll down a bit in this post at Jog the Blog for the titular host's thoughts on Super-F*ckers #1.

Conversation #2 Book of the Week

Comics website Ninth Art has chosen Conversation #2 by James Kochalka and Jeffrey Brown as its Book of the Week. This is only slightly mitigated by the fact that the book doesn't seem to be shipping this week in the U.S., but undoubtedly it will ship in the next couple of weeks, so, go read their comments on it and make sure you let your retailer know you want a copy whenever it does arrive (or to order one for you if they didn't order any, a likely scenario at more spandex-leaning comics shops).