05 September, 2008

American Elf Vol. 3 Solicited, Shipping in November

Read Yourself Raw has the solicitation information.
This might be the most action-packed volume of all. His neighbor's car gets firebombed, his little son Eli learns how to invent his own swears (like "pump duck"), and James gets a gun pointed at his face. Most dramatic of all, this volume will introduce a new character, a new little baby Kochalka! This collection prints all the diary strips from 2006-2007 in gorgeous full-color, including numerous strips that never appeared online.
One of my most cherished possessions is my hardcover edition of American Elf Vol. 1, and I wish Top Shelf would offer those for Vol. 2 and 3 as well...

02 September, 2008

Kochalka Comics Cheap!

Click over to the Top Shelf Three Dollar Sale to find many of his best comics for three bucks, and bargain prices on many of his other works, too!