17 May, 2011

Guest Post: The Rock Poster Art of James Kochalka

The following is a guest post written by John Rovnak.

KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! The Rock Art Of James Kochalka is a 30-plus page overview of many of the rock show posters James has drawn over the years, and it’s in a book which needs your help on Kickstarter. PANEL TO PANEL: Exploring Words & Pictures is a 274 page full-color book featuring KEEP YOUR PANTS ON!, plus new interviews, articles, essays and comics by the likes of Alan Moore, Jim Woodring, Rick Veitch, Mark Bode, Glenn Danzig, Dave Sim, Craig Yoe, James Sturm, Jaime Hernandez, Mark Martin, Steve Bissette, Mort Todd and many more.

Information about the book can be viewed at Panel To Panel. For pre-orders for the book, and support for the project, head on over to Kickstarter. Pledges of $40.00 or more will receive, among many things, an exclusive Mp3 and signed rock show poster by James!