12 September, 2006

Evil Wings in Stores Today!

Head to your favourite music store and get your copy of the new Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly CD by James Kochalka Superstar.

Here's the amazing and hilarious video for Wash Your Ass, starring the band and Eli Kochalka.

11 September, 2006

Kochalka Takes 2006 Harvey Award

Congratulations, James, on your Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work.

And a reminder to everyone that tomorrow (Tuesday, September 12th) is the official release date for Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly, available from Rykodisc at better music stores everywhere.

10 September, 2006

Kochalka on Monsterface TeeVee

You can see the whole hilarious thing -- even the non-Kochalka parts are funny -- at YouTube.